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Enjoy lotus sex position with GIP Mall Road Escorts

Not many people are aware of lotus position so, our GIP Mall Road Escorts will show you and give you chance to experience that, what is lotus position is? Well, it’s another way which penis can enter in the vagina is seemingly endless yet million people consider only missionary or doggy style to go theirs. Delhi Escorts, Call Girls in Delhi, Delhi Call Girls, Delhi Escorts Service, Female Escorts in Delhi, Independent Call Girls in Delhi, Escorts Service in Delhi, Escorts in Delhi, Russian Escorts in Delhi, Housewife Escorts in Delhi.

The lotus position comes from our famous sex book Kama Sutra and whoever reads this book they know although lots of 69 positions are tough in the book some are really easy to do that and enjoy the sex completely. Learn lotus sex position from GIP Mall Road Escorts
Are you ready for the action? Good, in order to do the lotus sex position the man will be on the bottom and the woman will be on top, the male should find a comfortable place to sit like a bed or floor, and then he will sit in a lotus position?

The lotus position is a meditation position that involves sitting cross-legged with each foot on the opposite thigh. For a lotus sex position, however, the male can choose to cross the legs or stretch the legs forward with the knees bit bent. Delhi Escorts, Call Girls in Delhi, Delhi Call Girls, Delhi Escorts Service, Female Escorts in Delhi, Independent Call Girls in Delhi, Escorts Service in Delhi,Escorts in Delhi, Russian Escorts in Delhi, Housewife Escorts in Delhi
Once you got settle in this position the Independent GIP Mall Road Escort will then sit on you while wrapping her legs around your waist and her arms around your backbones that way she will be fully supported.

Why you should try this lotus position with our escorts
It is a kind of physical and emotional dance between you and your partner when it comes to sex and intimacy and when two people enjoy this lotus position they feel closer to each other they can also enjoy the kiss, hug, caress and maintain eye contact with each other. It’s a very pleasurable position by kissing each other passionately synchronizing your breath, gazing in each other’s eyes you will feel and experience a different kind of experience and sexual pleasure and our GIP Mall Road Call Girls are very good at it they are willing to support you in all your ways.

What are the best ways to achieve orgasm in the lotus position?
1.You need comfort first, while the lotus sexx is one of the easiest Kama sutra positions. It could still be a little uncomfortable for a few people especially if you are unable to cross your legs and you are uncomfortable then what are the chances of achieving your orgasm?
To make things work and better for you
Place your legs in front of you
Place your arms back in place and put some of your weight on them.
You can use a wall behind you for support

2.Forcing yourself, the lotus sex position are not about forcing or pushing you it about rocking and grinding, but in case you are someone who loves to push you can do that also this will give you some shaft of pleasure and some extra stimulation to her also.

If you loved the lotus position you will like face to face masturbation also
GIP Mall Road Escorts Service girls know that mutual masturbation is the best way to pleasure yourself and show your partner what you like. It's also a chance to see your companion in action, as you get engaged in face-to-face masturbation; you really delve deep into each other's eyes to see how they feel intense happiness and enjoyment.

Sideway 69 spoonfuls
Spooning is the great way that two bodies really get attached to each other in an intimate and romantic way, so when you add sideways 69 to the mix, you'll have the opportunity to feel the closeness of spooning and the enjoyment of oral sex.
To do that you need to simply lie down on a surface, facing each other private parts in the opposite direction and you both can enjoy the giving and receiving the oral part together.
Are you ready to take your boring sex life to the next level? Then there is no harm in trying the lotus sex position with our GIP Mall Road Call Girls. So now you have some brand new idea to experience that.
It will increase your level of intimacy and create sensual, playful, and passionate pleasure so, come and meet our lovely escorts in order to experience a new way of sex. Call us now, we are waiting

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